Client's Review

  1. Wonderful job!!!
    I was referred to this clinic by a friend who loved their services. I had Hani to do peeling, laser hair removal and related treatments on my skin. Everything went well and I am really happy with this clinic

    Saryeh Khaledi

  2. I wanted to thank you for your patience and great job for my hair removal treatment. I received 2 treatments in 2 months and already I can see a very big difference! my skin has got really soft and smooth. I had lots of ingrown hairs on my body and now I'm hair free and ready for summer fun! I'm very happy with the results so far. Thanks again for being so accommodating and for your professional service! Will definately be coming back. :)🌹Mona🌹
    Mona Arabzadeh

  3. The results I have achieved from laser therapy has been life changing and I owe it all to Hani! She's not only professional and amazing at what she does but she's very kind and patient. I have recommended her to many people and they all share similar experiences!


  4. I have been downing laser for a lot of years now always going from clinic to another and unfortunately sometimes the results of my laser hair removal treatment comes worse! I was giving up till one of my friends suggested " modern clinic " and she recommended hani for me cuz she had good results with her,  since that moment I can't imagine going any clinic but her's, i finally saw some great results i was beyond happy she's very knowledgeable and makes you feel comfortable and very friendly and I'm happy to say that I have been friends with her now for years. Finally a clinic you can trust!
    Aseel Alyawer

  5. Wow, it's like a magic!! After only one session my hair stoped growing which is super amazing!!! I always had problem with my body hair!! It grows so fast even waxing doesn't help me at all.  I have had tried other laser removal machines (IPL as well which is not a real laser) more than 8-9 times before and I can certainly say that Alexandrite is the best laser machine that I've ever tried. I am so relieved to find the Modern Clinic and highly recommend them.
    Asoodeh Aftabi

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