Client's Testimonials

I went to Modern Clinic for laser hair removal of my face. I was referred to Hani by one of my relatives who had great results following laser hair removal of her legs. I should mention that I had a terrible experience at another clinic. They used IPL technology (which uses gel on your skin) for laser hair removal, I went to that clinic for my face primarily and after one year and spending so much money , my hair growth had not decreased and I got a burn on my face (The lady who performed it said that I had moved during the treatment!!!).  Modern clinic is conveniently located close to Finch subway station and is very modern and clean. Hani took the time to answer all my questions and was very pleasant  After just one treatment session with Hani, hair on my face was 90% gone and I did not have to shave at all after. I now have booked for full body laser hair removal with Hani. I am very satisfied with the results and I would highly recommend Hani and her clinic to anyone who is looking to get rid of unwanted hair within reasonable time frame for a great price.
Yasaman Razavi
Hi Hani,
Thank you for the opportunity to give you my feedback on my laser hair removal experience so far.
My experience with laser hair removal has been wonderful and I am so thankful to have met you! In the past, I resorted to shaving and waxing which caused many ingrown hairs on my body. I was not someone who was religious with exfoliating so I picked each ingrown hair which left me with many scars all over my body. After my first treatment, I was so surprised that I could already see a difference in the disappearance of scars and black hair roots. As my hair started to grow back from my first treatment, the hair would just fall out. Even deep ingrown hairs were starting to surface. I was amazed! I have now finished my second treatment and first exfoliation and there are not enough words to describe how happy I am with the results. My scars are disappearing, ingrown hairs are coming out without picking and my skin is glowing! I cannot wait for the end of the treatments to see how much of a difference laser hair removal has done for my skin. Thank you for your patience, kindness and love during my treatments. It means the world to have a close relationship and confidence in each other for the best possible outcome with during this process.

With many respects,
Nicole Giftopoulos, BA
I never thought I would have such smooth and hairless results from laser! I tried laser in the past at another clinic with success at first, but then the hair grew back even worse after a year. I was devastated. Then, I was lucky enough to be introduced to Hani by a friend. From my first interaction with Hani, I felt confident in her expertise and reassured by her honesty. Hani truly cares about her clients. I know this because she assesses your body to determine what areas are appropriate for laser or not. She could easily laser everyone from the neck down to be paid more, but instead she will explain that she cannot laser certain areas because in the long-term the hair will permanently grow back darker and thicker than before. I have never heard of another laser clinic that advises clients this way. Hani values her clients' best interests over making more money. 
My laser hair removal experience was amazing. Before, I use to have irritated skin (from shaving/waxing), ingrown hairs, and small bumps on my skin. From my first treatment, I saw amazing results and after a few sessions my skin felt and looked soft. I had my first treatment 6 years ago and I only need to go for touch-ups every 2-3 years. Before, I would avoid wearing shorts and skirts, but with Hani's help I can wear shorts and skirts anytime with confidence. I referred 4 clients to Hani and they are all very happy with their results. Thank you Hani!

Lily Fatemi
I have been downing laser for a lot of years now always going from clinic to another and unfortunately sometimes the results of my laser hair removal treatment comes worse!     i was giving up till one of my friends suggested " modern clinic " and she recommended hani for me cuz she had good results with her,  since that moment I can't imagine going any clinic but her's, i finally saw some great results i was beyond happy she's very knowledgeable and makes you feel comfortable and very friendly and I'm happy to say that I have been friends with her now for years. Finally a clinic you can trust!

Aseel Alyawer
Hi Hanie Jan,​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Wow, it's like a magic!! After only one session my hair stoped growing which is super amazing!!! I always had problem with my body hair!! It grows so fast even waxing doesn't help me at all.  I have had tried other laser removal machines (IPL as well which is not a real laser) more than 8-9 times before and I can certainly say that Alexandrite is the best laser machine that I've ever tried. I am so relieved to find the Modern Clinic and highly recommend them.

Asoodeh Aftabi
Wonderful job!!!
I was referred to this clinic by a friend who loved their services. I had Hani to do peeling, laser hair removal and related treatments on my skin. Everything went well and I am really happy with this clinic.

Saryeh Khaledi
Hi hani,
I wanted to thank you for your patience and great job for my hair removal treatment. I received 2 treatments in 2 months and already I can see a very big difference! my skin has got really soft and smooth. I had lots of ingrown hairs on my body and now I'm hair free and ready for summer fun! I'm very happy with the results so far.
Thanks again for being so accommodating and for your professional service! Will definately be coming back. :)

Mona Arabzadeh
The results I have achieved from laser therapy has been life changing and I owe it all to Hani! She's not only professional and amazing at what she does but she's very kind and patient. I have recommended her to many people and they all share similar experiences!

I've tried too many laser hair removal machines but non of them worked like the one they have in this clinic. They have affordable prices and Hani is a friendly person who you can trust and be comfortable with. I'm doing full body laser hair removal and for the 2nd session I'm very happy with the result. I definitely suggest this clinic.

Mandana Arabzadeh
I've done laser for over 8 years with multiple machines. I only had success with my legs but when I started with Hani, I was amazed by thr result by only the 4th session. Her machine and care of work are the reason why I'm finally seeing results. It's worth the time and money and I definitely recommend it!​
Nora Ahmad
I went to Hani for the first time about 2 years ago. One of my really good friends referred me to her. I have used many laser machines before but nothing fixed my issue until I saw Hani. She’s extremely talented, professional and is very good at what she does. I am very very happy with the results I got (I wish I had taken before and after pictures). Both my friends and I now take our moms to Hani and they’re also very happy and see very good results. I have been referring Hani to friends and family since I started seeing her and will continue to do so. Results at Hani’s are guaranteed and you will not be disappointed!
Anum Ejaz
I have known Hani for years and I have referred anyone I could to her because she is honest and she will tell you from the start is she can help you or not with ANY skin issues you may have. Whoever I have sent her to for laser and facial has thanked me a million times. Her laser machine is excellent and it worked and works!! You have to go the amount of sessions she recommends which varies person to person .. but I have send my male friends and co workers to her and they also can't day enough good things about Modern Clinic . 
I am now going to Hani for peeling which is chemical free and has helped my skin become blemish free . 

Sara Hassanzadeh
I started going to Modern Clinic after my friends went there to get their underarms lasered and got good results. Before trying to do laser hair removal, I was very cautious because I was scared my skin would be irritated or that I would pay a lot and get horrible results. However, when I went to Modern Clinic, Hanieh explained to me how it works and for an affordable price, I started with my underarms. Just after the first try, I already got good results considering that I have thick hair. Now my underarm is hairless and I've also started getting my bikini area and upper lip lasered. Again, excellent results! For a thick haired girl, those are my problem areas and now I am less insecure and don't have to worry. On top of the good results, Hanieh is also super nice, accommodating and flexible! She also makes me feel comfortable and not insecure whenever I go in for sessions. Thank you, Hanieh!
                                                                                                   Alyssa Torres
I met Hani after being introduced a very good friend during a get together at the friend's house where Hani did a consultation for me by taking me into a room and looking at my legs (which were terrible). She told me at that time I was the ideal candidate but due to my own fears (and stupidity) I wasted a whole year before booking an appointment. After going to Hani for laser, I cannot go to anyone else. Her professionalism and care is like no other. I have referred friends and family to her; all of us are very happy with her services and her prices. I started with legs, which are now hairless even after two years of finishing laser and I will keep going to her until full body is done. I recommend Hani to all, you will not be disappointed.
                                                     Alysha Lakdawalla